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People ask me all the time about my interior design style.  Is it Modern, Traditional, Contemporary, Transitional, Mid-Century Modern, or Bohemian?  Unfortunately, I can never provide a simple answer because my style changes depending on the project or time of day.

In many respects, however, I follow the Swedish philosophy of lagom in lieu of an interior design style.  Lagom, which loosely translated means “not too little and not too much”, is a theory of moderation rather than extremes.  (Similar to  Goldilocks in the fairytale Goldilocks and the Three Bears where she found one bowl of porridge too hot, one too cold and one just right, lagom strives to strike a balance.)  In interiors, lagom uses simple neutral colors, textural accents, and draws inspiration from light and nature. This practical and functional approach prefers quality over quantity and aims for harmony between old and new, unadornment and extravagance, and utility and comfort.

For more inspiration, check out Niki Brantmark’s book, Lagom: Not Too Little, Not Too Much: The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life<, and Lagom, a bi-annual magazine featuring creatives who, “care about thoughtful design, independent travel, and a balanced approach to life”.

I hope this information inspires you!  Also, if you think your friends can benefit from these tips, please share this post.

My Favorite Lagom Paint Colors

(Tip: To live lagom, the paint color should provide a calming, relaxing backdrop for the room’s environment.

For pops of color, I recommend Benjamin Moore’s Caliente and Dinner Party, C2’s Summer Squall, Maine and Churchill, and Farrow and Ball’s Downpipe, Hague Blue, Vardo, Off-Black, and Pelt.)

Farrow & Ball 

All F&B paints are water-based, low VOC (volatile organic compounds), and low odor, and the company makes great efforts to minimize its carbon footprint.  This is very lagom.

  • All White
  • Strong White
  • Wimborne White
  • Ammonite
  • Cornforth White
  • Elephant’s Breath
  • Pointing
  • Slipper Satin
  • Skimming Stone
  • Wevet

Benjamin Moore 

  • Balboa Mist
  • Chantilly Lace
  • Cloud White
  • Himalayan Trek
  • Mascarpone
  • Niveous
  • Pale Oak
  • Wind’s Breath
  • Revere Pewter
  • Seashell
  • Simply White
  • White Dove
  • Wind’s Breath


  • Chit Chat
  • Coconut
  • Shimmer

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