9 Brimfield Antique Show Tips

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9 Brimfield Antique Show Tips

Just in time for this year’s Brimfield Antique Flea Markets along Route 20 in Central Massachusetts, here are 9 Brimfield Antique Show tips for a fun and successful experience! 


  • May 10-15, 2022

  • July 12-17, 2022

  • September 6-11, 2022

Bring bags and/or carts with wheels to carry your purchases while you shop and a vehicle big enough to bring your haul home!

To avoid multiple trips to and from your vehicle, ask vendors to hold your purchased items until you are ready to pick them up at the end of the day.  Dealers may also offer shipping options, and the blog “Creative Delivery Options at Brimfield Flea Markets” at provides even more alternatives.

Read the BPSA brochure 

Download it here: (

Study the Brimfield map.  Brimfield is the largest show of its kind in the USA with over 100,000 shoppers expected to roam the twelve fields packed with wares from about 6,000 dealers.  It’s best to understand the layout of the show so you don’t waste time or miss anything!.  

Investigate and take your time before purchasing. 

Pretend you are on a treasure hunt, compare prices, be patient, and you will find great deals.  Tip: Dealers are more motivated to make a deal on rainy days when there are fewer customers or the last day of the show when they will have to pack up their unsold items.  


Make a list and stick to it. 

Stop only at booths that are selling items on your list.  You don’t want to go home with a car full of stuff you don’t need.  

Friends and footwear are necessities.

It’s much more fun to explore the rows and rows of tented booths at Brimfield with a friend or friends.  And there is no way to get through Brimfield without a comfy pair of shoes (and clothing)!

Inquire about prices. 

Don’t be afraid to ask about a price.  In fact, dealers expect you to negotiate.  Tip: Cash is king although most dealers accept checks and credit cards.

Eat and drink throughout the day. 

There is lots to see at Brimfield, but don’t forget to eat and stay hydrated.  You can pack your own food, but there is something for everyone at the many food trucks and concession stands.  Tip: Try the Pilgrim Sandwich.

Location of your parked car should be in a central location. 

This strategy simplifies collecting your purchases at the end of the day. 

Tip: Bring cash ($5 – $10) to park on side streets.

Discuss topics with the dealers. 

Dealers are a wealth of information, so strike up a conversation and you’ll learn a thing or two.  Tip: If you’re looking for something special, ask a vendor.  He or she may know a vendor who has exactly what you want. 

Share your tips and fabulous finds!!