Adding Sustainability in Your Home’s Design

Sustainably Inspired

Sustainability in design is defined as the intentional act of reducing negative environmental impacts through thoughtful designs. The result is often open floor plans, natural lighting, and up-cycled furniture pieces. Individually, these elements create focal points throughout a home. However, when you combine them, you create a space that is comfortable, efficient, and sustainable.

As a designer, I do my best to incorporate sustainability when staging homes. Since sustainable products are often harder to find and more expensive, I choose to implement sustainable shopping habits. This means shopping local markets for vintage furniture or up-cycled and re-purposed furniture and decor. Not only is this a cost-friendly alternative to purchasing new furniture pieces, but it provides more creative freedom while transforming the interior design of your home.

I often look for vintage pieces because of their versatility. Vintage finds can be restored to their original condition or up-cycled into something completely different. For example, turning a vintage suitcase into a unique side table, or repurposing a vintage ladder into a bookshelf. Using up-cycled or re-purposed furniture allows you to decorate a space inspired by human nature. In many ways, up-cycling furniture has become a sustainable art form.

As more designers are beginning to consider the environmental impact of the products they are buying and using, sustainable practices are becoming a trend in the industry. Designers and homeowners alike are adopting sustainable practices to lower their carbon footprint. Today, sustainability is a respected aspect of interior home design. Depending on which sustainable practices you choose to incorporate in your home, your approach to sustainability might look different than others.

The great thing about sustainability is that it’s not an “all or nothing” concept. You don’t have to buy expensive products with fancy labels to call yourself eco-conscious. The simplest way to make a sizable impact is by shopping with local sellers and buying fewer consumer goods. With this, you can surround yourself with things that are beautifully unique and bring you joy.

In the future, if you decide to redesign your home, be sure to donate or sell your furniture pieces so they can be re-loved. This keeps them out of landfills and gives others the chance to practice sustainability in a way that brings them joy too!

If you’ve never been to a local market, we’ve found a great website to help you locate one near you. Fleamapket lets you search for markets, shops, auction houses, antique stores, and more!

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