Sustainability Trends: Stora Trenddagen 2022

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Are you interested in global predictions that may affect colors, design, sustainability trends, and consumer behavior? If so, you’re in luck! Keep reading to learn more!

On 2/2/2022, Stefan Nilsson (“TrendStefan”), Sweden’s best-known trend-hunter, and Kennet Vrågård, Business Development Manager of NCS (Natural Colour System®©), hosted a virtual Stora Trenndaggen (Big Trend Day). Stora trenddagen 2022

The 11th colors and design trends forecast event in Sweden revealed four unique color trends for 2023: Blushing Brides, Repair Rituals, Cyber Smoke Rings, and Kings & Colors.

The combined twenty-four colors signal a shift to more chromatic colors, predominantly yellow and red tones. But beyond the color schemes, Stefan Nilsson focused on three megatrends (capitalism, art, and sustainability) and several related keywords worth reflecting on for 2023 and beyond.



Sustainable Trends_Fabulous Finds_ Jen Dorsey Studio and FurnitureMaverick: An unorthodox or independent-minded person. (Definition from Oxford Languages)

After more than a year of shutdowns, fewer design fairs, and a dearth of new design ideas, we are bored. That’s why Stefan Nilsson claims we should adopt a Pippi Longstocking approach to life. Pippi is a Maverick.  And although we all can’t live in Villa Villekulla with a monkey, a horse, and a suitcase of gold coins like this fictitious 9-year-old girl, we can challenge expectations and be wildly imaginative.


 “Repair is the new black.” – Stefan Nilsson

According to Stefan Nilsson Anti-Consumerism has replaced capitalism.  Led by millennials who don’t want to purchase new, and as evidenced by the struggling retail environment, he predicts “shopping shame” for the future.

Sustainability Trends

The decreased demand for new products, however, will increase demand for vintage and repaired products. Anti-consumerism will also focus on the concept of degrowth: can we live better while producing less?

“The whole art industry is going to grow immensely.” – Stefan Nilsson

The arts will flourish in this era of anti-consumerism because, in part, we won’t be distracted by or spend time shopping.

And to take advantage of this trend, Nilsson recommends using the arts for brand building. Companies could, for example, do a product launch at a gallery or as part of a modern dance performance. The possibilities for these shared, quality experiences are limitless and very exciting.





“Sustainability is not a trend.” – Stefan Nilsson

Per Nilsson, sustainability is a constant concept, but we have emphasized different sustainable topics over the years ranging from synthetic pesticides (1962) to materials (2021). The spotlight is now on packaging, including unnecessary packaging and how to sort and dispose of it. 

The COVID pandemic has highlighted this packaging problem as online purchases skyrocket and we get more home deliveries. But there is good news. Many companies and other entities have entered into pacts worldwide to achieve sustainable packaging goals by 2025. The “Roadmap to 2025” strategy of the U.S. Plastic’s Pact, for example, requires that all plastic packaging be reusable, recyclable, or compostable by the deadline.




These are only a few of the insightful, creative, and thoughtful predictions of Stora Trenddagen 2022. What are your reflections on this post including the NCS Color Trends (below)?  Have you already spotted or adopted any of these trends? Let me know! 

NCS Color Trends 2023


  • Femininity and Flesh Tones
  • Senses & Sensuality


  • Turbulence & Turmoil
  • Rustic & Handi-Craft


  • Urban & Temporary
  • Spiritual & Shiny


  • Fun & Fashionable & Futuristic
  • Royalcore & Neo-Expressionism




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